About this site

This site is about computers I’m collecting since 2015.
Apple computers were not so popular in Poland (except DTP people) in late 80’s and all 90’s which makes them more interesting for me as I have to explore everything from the beginning.
I saw first Macintosh Classic somewhere in 1993 at my school. It was really “weird” machine surrounded by metal XT, 286, 386 machines.

After that contact (since 1996) I have lost contact with Apple machines since 2010.

During my childhood I went through Commodore C116, C64, Atari 65XE, Amiga and all PC models as a gamer, programmer, advanced user, 3D modeler (since 386DX and 3D Studio 4.0)

So in 2015 I have decided to start collecting all retro computers – Commodore, Atari, Amstrad. Later on I had to revise my plan and have changed my target to Polish computers and finally to Apple computers.

I’m going to focus on Apple II and Macintosh computers.
There is some more  Apple machines and few more old machines which are still in my collection.

Now when I have almost all what I need I will focus on repairs, modifications and some weird “projects”.
Also I’m in very close contact with Apple Muzeum Polska – as a technical support.

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