Detailed list of equipment

Apple I

Replica of PCB – Main Board + Tape interface
Tape with Basic Demo

Apple II Family

Apple II last revision
Apple II +                              model A2S1016                serial A2S2-279433
Apple II Bell&Howell      model A2S11016B           serial A2S3-006153
Apple II Euro+                   model A2S2                       serial A2S2-27456
Apple IIe                              model A2S2064D           serial 2A2S2-252361
Apple IIe Platinum          model A2S2128               serial 3A2S2
Apple IIe Euro Platinum
Apple IIc                              model A2S4000              serial F5439KW
Apple IIc Plus                    model A2S4500               serial E850WLO
Apple IIc  CRT Display   model A2M4090          serial G090S
Apple IIgs Stealth in IIe case
Apple IIgs ROM0              model A2S6000             serial E7283MR
Apple IIgs ROM3              model A2S6000W          serial E7860QA
Apple IIgs WOZ x2

Apple III

Apple III – model to be determined

Apple Lisa 2

Lisa II model A6SB100P ser. B08B8312901116
Lisa II model A6S0200P ser. A4282180 Manufactured 4282

Macintosh Family (all-in-one)

Macintosh Prototype Transparent – home made replica
Macintosh 128                  model M0001        serial F43076R
Macintosh 512                  model M0001WP   serial F411332
Macintosh ED
Macintosh Plus                model M0001AP    serial C72202M
Macintosh Plus                model M0001         serial APC8060Z2
Macintosh Plus ED          model WM00         serial CK91309
Macintosh SE serial         model M5011         serial C8271VG
Macintosh SE FDHD        model M5011         serial TBD
Macintosh SE                   model M5010        serial C83803B
Macintosh SE 1/20                                         serial CK0301SRC70
Macintosh SE 1/40  new aquisition    
Macintosh SE/30                                           serial CK0190HVKHI
Macintosh SE/30                                           serial CK0310SEKAT
Macintosh Superdive
Macintosh Classic                                         serial CK2381SSCA4
Macintosh Classic            model M0420      ser TBD
Macintosh Classic II                                      serial CK2433Y4D24
Macintosh Classic II                                      serial CK1452MXD23
Macintosh Performa 200
Macintosh Color Classic

Macintosh II

Macintosh II
Macintosh IIfx      in Macintosh II case
Macintosh IIfx
Macintosh IIx       model   M5840        serial C8460FXM5835
Macintosh IIci      model   M5780        serial CK1140QN765
Macintosh IIcx     model   M5650        serial CK9360N9M5685
Macintosh IIci      model   M5780        serial A00000030583
Macintosh IIsi      model   M0360        serial CK1460A5C53

Macintosh LC

Macintosh LC         model M0350          serial SG151GUZL13
Macintosh LC II     model M1700           serial CK3166D8F07
Macintosh LC 475  model M1700           serial TBD

Macintosh Performa

Performa 400
Performa 450         model M1254           serial CK34776C10Y
Performa 630

Macintosh Quadra
Quadra 650
Quadra 700 (like in Jurrasic Park) x 3
Quadra 800
Quadra 900
Quadra 950
Macintosh Worhroup Server 95 (Quadra 950 based)
Macintosh Server 9150

Macintosh Portable

Macintosh Portable model M5120         serial CK04907KM59
Macintosh Portable model M5120  (second unit) + original bag

Apple Displays

Performa Plus Display            model M9102Z/D
Apple Cinema 23″
Apple Cinema 17″
Apple Monochrome 12″
Apple Color RGB Monitor       model A2M6014Z x2
Apple MultipleScan 15AV        model M4681
Apple II phosphor

Other Apple Devices

Apple Power CD H0038 ser. P13362HP842B
Apple CD SC Caddy
Apple CD300 – new in da house
Newton MessagePad 130 H0196
Newton MessagePad H1000
Newton Fax Modem H0005 for H1000 only

Floppy Disk Drives

Apple 5,25 Drive ][      model A2M0003-147463-0263
Apple 5,25 Drive ][      model A2M0003-616449
Apple 5,25 Drive ][      model A2M0003-606245
Apple 5,25 Drive          model A9M0107 serial KG67253
DuoDisk 5,25 Drive     model A9M0108 serial 505995
DuoDisk 5,25 Drive     model A9M0108 serial 587087
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial SS9251V100J
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial Y7C0H70
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial Y7106GR
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial Y88072P
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial Y8700TY
Apple 3,5 Drive            model A9M0106 serial SS01608D00J
800K External Drive   model M0131 serial Y620451
Apple 3,5 400k            model M0130 serial D4502D7M0130
Apple PC 5.25 Drive    model A9M0110 serial H858342
Unidisk 3,5

Human Interface Devices

Mouse M0100 x3
Keyboard M0110A
Keyboard M0110A-D
Joystick KRAFT

Printers & Scanners

Apple Silentype          model A2M0032 serial 16755
Apple StyleWriter       model M8000 serial AGB33369
Apple StyleWriter II   model M2003 serial CG3436V8103
Apple ImageWriter II
Apple Scanner            model A9M0337Z serial 9191093
Apple LaserWriter     4/600 PS
Apple Color Plotter 410
Thunderscan for Macintosh

Power Macintosh, Power PC

PM 7300/200 M3979 serial CK7114HM8ZT
Power Mac G4 Cube M7886 P/N CK116HKGL2J
Power Book G4 12 inch
iMAC G4 ‘lamp”
iMAC G3 blue
Power Mac G4 Graphite
Power Mac G4 QuickSilver
Power Mac G4 MDD

Apple Laptops

Macintosh PowerBook 1400CS
Macintosh PowerBook G3 M4753
PowerBook 520 White keys M4880
Macintosh PowerBook 3400c M3553
PowerBook 520 Grey keys M4880
PowerBook 520c Grey keys M4880

Intel based Apple

Mac Mini Model A1283 serial YM9120PH19X iMac 24″ 2006 C2D2x2,16 serial W87300HTVGP

Mass Storage, HardDrives

Hard Disk 20SC M2604Z serial C70509NM2610
RODIME 60 Plus LR59119 serial S06001337
RODIME Scuzzy S20+ serial 000480

Other weird devices 

Apple Videophone Camera  KWM-A102A   WD5432F25KAA
Apple iSight Camera – firewire
Apple II video camera + interface card Micron Microneye
Apple Echo II Speak card